Shanghai | 10 - 13 June 2018
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China is taking the lead in various areas in the world – politically, economically and military. But also in the digital world. Chinese coders compete at eye level with their American colleagues. Nowadays, China lists as many venture capitals as Silicon Valley. The result is noticeable: one third of the world’s 262 Unicorns come from China. Facebook copies China’s WeChat and not the other way around. It’s high time for all of us to take a closer look at China´s digital businesses in person.

To that end, the VDZ is organising the "Digital China Tour“ from 10 to 13 June 2018. Our destination is the commercial capital Shanghai, location of several tycoons and pioneering businesses in the digital industry. The following highlights are planned: personal meetings with the experts of Alibaba and Tencent (WeChat) at their digital hubs and insights into the latest trends at the Shanghai Media Group and The Paper, the Chinese counterpart of the New York Times. (subject to change)




What topics will we cover?

The participants will be introduced to field tested innovations,
initiated by successful digital companies as well as to system
solutions of highly creative startups. The scope of topics for the
trip reaches from new business models and their implementation
in the digital and mobile publishing area, to the developments in
the fields of Ad Technology, content creation, e-commerce, social
networks, Big Data and Targeting.

       What do I get?

Companies - to be confirmed

   One of the largest companies in the world (equivalent of Amazon in China).
   Operates a number of different e-commerce marketplaces such as Taobao
   and Tmall.

   One of China's largest fintech companies and
   their corporate VC/accelerator JadeValue.

   Ximalaya is the largest audio based media platform in China with over 400
   million registered users. It is the most famous platform for Chinese users to listen
   to podcasts, audiobooks and more.
   One of Europe`s and US' hottest social music
   apps - founded and run from Shanghai

   Tezign is a technology company that uses big data and intelligent
   matching technology between 4,000+ corporate customers and tens of
   thousands of designers and creators.

   Mobike is a bike sharing service to fulfil urban short trips - anytime, to any legal
  parking destination - by combining innovation and today’s IoT (Internet of Things)



Who else goes?

Our tours offer an exclusive, intimate opportunity for up to 20 senior
level international delegates in media to join. Previous attendees are
from companies such as:


The people we will target at these organizations include entrepreneurs,
founders, thought leaders and senior managers who are taking on the digital
challenges of tomorrow.





Early-Bird-Rate until 2 March 2018
4.990,- Euro (plus VAT) for VDZ members
5.990,- Euro (plus VAT) for none members

5.990,- Euro (plus VAT) for VDZ members
6.990,- Euro (plus VAT) for none members


>> fully booked <<
Waiting list open, please contact Jennifer Panse:


Services included:

  • Organisation of all company visits
  • Joint lunches and dinners at selected restaurants included
  • 3 nights accommodation included
  • Personal guidance onsite
  • Meeting presentations (where made available)

Not included is your flight to and from Shanghai or individual airport transfers.

Please note: You have to apply for a visa yourself. We will provide
a necessary letter of invitation

If you need additional accomodation we are happy to assit.

Space on the tour is limited, please register as soon as possible. An invoice will be sent separately after registration. In the event of cancellation participant costs will not be refunded.


Why China?

China as a country for global innovation and digitalisation has rapidly increased in importance in the last years. With internet companies now almost the same size as American counterparts, a huge domestic market and great global ambitions, it is more important than ever for us to understand the technology and innovation coming from China.

The power of 1.3 billion consumers
With the world’s largest population, a fast-growing
middle-class and increasing purchasing power -
just by being “big in China” automatically makes any
company one of the world’s largest.

Mega-cities unlike anywhere else
With over 100 cities with more than 1 million in
population, expected to double by 2025, and
megacities such as Beijing and Shanghai with
more than 20 million residents, China is experiencing
new unique challenges that come with densely
populated areas. This feeds innovation in a never
seen scale before.

No old tech legacy
In the late 90’s and early 00’s almost no-one had internet
nor computer in China. When smartphones came, it
became the first and only access to the Internet, building
an entirely new generation of consumers without any old
habits resulting in much higher adoption rate of new
services such as mobile payments, messaging and

For further information about digital China download our >>Digital China Report<< HERE.



Please note that the program is subject to change.

The tour is limited to 20 participants. In case of overbooking we sort registrations according to date of receipt. Registrations from VDZ members have priority. The invoice will be send separately to the confirmation letter. The VDZ cannot guarantee a refund in case of a participant’s no-show.

The VDZ reserves the right to cancel the tour if participant numbers are too low. In case the tour must be cancelled or discontinued due to act of God which include for example order by government agency, riots, airplane hi-jacking, terrorist attacks, fire, floods, natural disasters, power breakdown, accidents, storms, strikes, lockouts or other labour disputes, the VDZ cannot guarantee a refund of the tour fee.

Cancellation of the tour can be made up to 10 weeks prior to the tour start. However, costs that may have incurred already (i.e. hotel accommodation, catering) will be invoiced to the participant. Further, a processing fee of EUR 100 will be applied as well.

The VDZ General Terms and Conditions apply.

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