James Hewes

Publishing Director, GN Magazines & GN Publishing at Gulf News

Graduated from Exeter University in 1996. Spent 5 years working in Pharmaceuticals and Banking before joining the BBC in 2001, in the Corporate Strategy department. In period to 2005, worked on a range of strategy and marketing projects, including a digital strategy for Radio Times, our TV listings title. In 2004/05, led the successful launch of a new food title, olive. In 2005 set up BBC Magazines‘ international licensing team, which has delivered more than 40 new licenses in less than five years. During this period, Top Gear, our motoring title, launched into more than 20 new markets worldwide. Appointed Head of International Development in 2008, with a broader responsibility across international digital and print projects, including joint ventures. After various stations at BBC, James Hewes joined GN Magazines & GN Publishing at Gulf News as publishing director.